Build a cohesive team

Build a Cohesive

Align your leaders
around a shared vision
for growth


Focus on Results

Bring the team together
through commitment
and accountability


Build a Foundation
of Trust

Get real
Act transparent
Deal with conflict

As a business grows, the cohesiveness of the executive team must grow with it.

The ability of the team to collaborate across boundaries, functions and silos will directly determine the capacity of the organization to mobilize the organization and lead it to its vision.

This requires a focus on the success of the entire organization and the aptitude of the team to leverage its collective capabilities.

A high performing team is not created by assembling a group of high performing executives.

What fueled their success so far may become a liability in a team situation. Dysfunctional relationships and politics get amplified. Trust and respect become paramount.

Building an effective executive leadership team takes an intentional effort. It’s not generally achieved at team building events or at the annual offsite. These things might help but it’s in the everyday interactions, relationships and commitments where the effort must be applied.

Vision to Action works with executive leadership teams to assess their collective strengths and capabilities against what is needed to be a high performing and effective team.

We look at what is holding the team back and what needs to change and then develop practical and workable solutions for building productive and supportive relationships that generate solid results.

Building an effective team is a journey based on an inquiry into its many layers. At the heart of any team is who the people are. This is where we start.

In this program our clients work with us to:

  1. Understand who they are as a team. We look at individual preferences and values,  energy levels and how people are showing up as well as the overall team dynamics. We take a deep dive into what’s working and what’s holding the team back;
  2. Agree on what needs to change so the team can grow and perform in ways that maximize its potential and which provide a positive role model to the rest of the organization;
  3. Develop a team charter, outlining the commitments, accountabilities, measures and remedies;
  4. Establish processes for the team to continue to evaluate itself and monitor its upward progress;
  5. Provide individual and/or team coaching to support the continued growth of the executive team.

The benefits & deliverables of this approach include:

  • Common language and tools for team members to understand each other and the team itself. This increased awareness builds trust and respect for differences and helps the team to examine its balance and what is missing that needs to be addressed;
  • A safe space to get vulnerable, experiment, deal with the elephants in the room and manage conflict productively;
  • No transfer of learning or theory. We work directly with what the team is dealing with and where it needs to grow;
  • Tailored support for the leadership team members.