How healthy is your Business Model?

About the Vision to Action Business Model Assessment

The purpose of this assessment tool is to provide a snapshot view of the health of your business in its entirety and its readiness for growth. The key benefit of a conceptual perspective like this is it provides a useful starting point for leaders to know where to focus their efforts before they start making significant decisions or changes. It forces strategic thinking.

Organizations are best conceptualized as systems where everything is interconnected and where actions taken in one part of the system will likely have an impact on other parts. For example, product decisions will affect operations and bad hires will have a financial impact. The most effective organizations figure out how to drive alignment and synchronization through the system. To facilitate this, it is best to start with the big picture where the connections are more visible and then work down into the details. This tool will help you with that.

The questions that have been selected are far from exhaustive; they will not answer everything that needs to be known and they may not even be the perfect questions for your business. It is not the purpose of this assessment to provide a recipe for success. In fact it may raise many more questions than it answers. Which is a benefit because the goal is to stimulate deep thinking and reflection. So embrace the opportunity, switch off the distractions and take this time to think deeply about your business. That is the most productive use of your time right now.

Completing the Assessment

The assessment contains 53 questions across the 8 categories of the Vision to Action business model. All the questions consist of a statement and 5 response options ranging from less true to more true. It should take less than 30 minutes to complete and every question must be answered to provide a meaningful result. If you don’t know the answer, select the option that feels most right. There are no right or wrong answers and this is not an external judgment of your business; the output is based solely on your input. So be honest!

At the end of the assessment you will receive a total score and a score by category. The score is simply a reference point for you to assess the health of your business model and its readiness for growth. You will then be directed to a resource center where you will find guidelines on how to interpret your results and resources to help you develop strategies and action plans for improvement.

Legal Disclaimer

Neither the assessment nor the resource center are intended to provide a substitute for professional or legal advice and Vision to Action assumes no liability for any actions taken as a result of using this diagnostic. It is provided as a resource only, to be utilized at the user’s discretion.

Healthy debt to income ratio


What happens to my data?

All results are confidential and your data will not be shared with anyone. The first section of the diagnostic contains a few demographic questions about your business. This data and your responses to the questions will be recorded in a database and used to create comparative data so that in the future respondents can benchmark their business against other similar businesses. Results will only ever be reported in aggregate format and organization names will never be included. Vision to Action reserves the right to use the raw data collected for commercial or research purposes.

What if my answer is ‘it depends’?

There may be situations where the statement presented is more or less true some of the time and not others. For example it may apply to some functions or people within the organization and not others. Go with your gut feeling as it applies to the average situation and make a mental note to dive deeper because there will be useful clues in the variance you’re contemplating.

How is completing this assessment going to help?

It will provide you with a structure for thinking deeply about your business in a holistic and conceptual way. This is the primary benefit. Day to day business life is often hectic and disjointed and dominated by doing rather than thinking. It is not that one is superior to the other, both are necessary for success but doing is generally more effective and faster when it’s guided by clear and rational thinking.

What happens after I complete the assessment?

You will have the option to go to a resource center where there will be guidelines for interpreting your results and resources to help you develop strategies and action plans for improving the areas that need to be changed. We will constantly be adding new resources. Vision to Action is also available to help you with this process, just visit the programs page and complete a statement of work form so we can get to know you a little better.

Are the results accurate?

This is not a standardized diagnostic instrument so it has not been subjected to rigorous reliability and validity testing. The purpose is to stimulate thinking and to provide a starting point for deeper analysis. A far more detailed assessment would be required to provide an accurate evaluation of an organization.

How can I compare my results to other businesses similar to mine?

We’re working on this. Once we have a big enough database of results we will add this functionality.

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