organization development

Design for Growth

The growth of your organization
depends on the health & capacity
of your entire business model

Business Vision



Imagine as a future possibility,



To organize something or someone
to spring into action.

If you want to scale your business you first need to develop a clear picture/model of what your organization would look like if you were successful.

Then you have to start acting like that successful business long before you achieve your vision.

This is no small feat.

It takes the capacity to look into the future and envision an organization that has dealt with the growing pains and adapted to it’s internal and external demands.

Then you have to reverse engineer those best practices into today’s workplace and manage the change so you don’t sacrifice what’s enabled your success so far.

Vision to Action works with the organization’s leadership team to assess their current business model and all the critical functions that make collectively make up the organization. These are demonstrated in the diagram of the key above and what we’re seeking to assess in each of these functions is explained in the tabs below.

The analysis and insights provide us with a starting point for designing a more scalable business model and a detailed roadmap for implementation.

In this program our clients work with us to:

  1. Complete a comprehensive assessment of their existing business model to tease out the strengths that can be leveraged and identify the internal challenges & external demands that will need attention for the company to scale;
  2. Envision where and how the leaders want to grow the business and ensure there is alignment and a shared commitment;
  3. Design a cohesive and detailed model of what the business needs to become to accommodate the growth plans and operate with maximum effectiveness;
  4. Build a detailed roadmap for change and a project management framework for managing the implementation and transition to the new model and measuring the results;
  5. Develop a coaching plan to support the leaders as they implement the new model and grow into their expanded roles.

The benefits & deliverables of this approach include:

  • A conceptual and objective view of the business which leaders often can’t see because they have blindspots from being too involved or close to the challenges;
  • Commitment to and alignment around a clear vision for growth for the organization;
  • A step by step plan that clearly defines the priorities and sequence of activity, accountablities and timeframes;
  • Tailored support for the leadership team as they execute the changes.

Note: the scope and duration of this program varies considerably depending on the current situation and needs of our clients. However the process is  very efficient and we aim to get our clients into action quickly so they can start scaling their businesses to address their immediate growth challenges.