How healthy is your Business Model?

Vision to Action Business Model Assessment

Instructions for completing this Assessment:

The assessment will likely take around 30 minutes to complete. There are 53 questions in total broken down into the 8 categories of the business model, so between 5-8 questions per category. Each question is a statement which requires a single response from 1-5. Simply click next to advance to the next question.

At the top of each page, you will see a grid that tracks which question you are on. As you complete a question the relevant square will turn green. You can go back at any time to edit a question: simply click on the question number on the grid that you would like to revisit and change the response. You can also use the grid to set a reminder to revisit certain questions later: simply click the review button underneath the grid and it will change the color of the selected question to yellow as a reminder.

You must answer all questions in order to complete the assessment and you will be prompted to answer any questions you skip over. Unanswered questions will have blank squares in the grid. Once you have answered every question your will receive a total score and a score by category.

All we require is a name and email address below to register to use the Assessment. The other fields are optional and will be used to create a develop a database of responses so that businesses can benchmark themselves against other businesses in similar industries or by size. Data will only ever be used in aggregate format and there will be no way to identify individual organizations.

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The results will only be as accurate as your input. So think carefully before you respond but don’t get overly analytical – go with your gut feel if you’re not sure. Pick the answer that most accurately reflects the current situation in your organization.

Once you have completed the assessment you will be guided to a resource center where there will be guidelines for interpreting your results.