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Mentoring Vision To Action

Common mentoring topics for our clients

  • Problem Solving

    The best leaders are often the best problem solvers. Learn how to see problems with circular rather than linear vision and treat them as an opportunity for transformation by addressing the root causes and recurring issues with robust solutions.

  • Leadership

    Effective leaders get results and inspire confidence in others. Explore ways to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of the moment and break through challenging situations to engage your employees.

  • Personal Efficiency

    Life is easier when you’re organized. The modern work environment is hectic, full of distractions and often disjointed…and that’s just the email! Develop powerful tools and processes to ensure you stay in control of your work, manage your schedule according to the priorities that will ensure you succeed and stop using your inbox as a storage facility.

  • Planning

    Time spent planning reduces the time spent correcting mistakes caused by poor planning. Develop a planning mindset that enables you to think with the end in mind and work backwards into a clear picture of what must be done by whom and when. Reduce amateur mistakes and eliminate thoughtless actions that cause delays, failure or lead to unnecessary waste.

  • Communicating skillfully

    Many of the most common organizational problems boil down to poor communication. There is an art to communicating skillfully which involves learning new skills but also ditching bad habits. Become more articulate, learn how to engage others with compelling presentations and develop powerful techniques to eliminate communication gaps.

Turn the struggle you’re in today into the strength you need for tomorrow

Some say that success in business is a matter of good judgment. Which may be true, but where does such judgment come from? Navigating the growth and development of an organization is not only complicated, it’s often a struggle. Decisions aren’t always clear-cut and sometimes it’s difficult to know what direction to head in. In situations like this it usually helps to explore the uncertain terrain with an objective professional who has less attachment and can see options that might otherwise be obscured.

Vision to Action Mentoring Services

We believe that good judgment is a result of skillfully applying experience and knowledge to complex situations to enable rational and thoughtful decision-making. Our mentoring services are designed to provide a more individualized experience to help leaders, teams or business owners explore whatever issues are affecting their personal or business success.

Our mentoring approach is mentee-driven – the client sets the agenda – but the style is directive; ultimately the goal is to create positive change or the resolution of recurring problems. Sessions are charged for on an hourly basis and normally require a minimum 3 session commitment to ensure adequate results. These can either be done remotely or in-person for those based in Colorado.

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