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Inside you will find a repository of useful ideas, tools and resources to help you plan and build a more resilient business model. The goal is to help you think differently and guide you to take action on the basis of what you discover.

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The assessment tool and this solutions center are in beta mode, we’re looking for customer input to help us build something that is useful and relevant. Please tell us what you think of the assessment to help us improve it and share your thoughts on what resources would be useful to you.

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We’re creating a library of useful resources, organized by the elements of the business model. This will include content, tools and templates, and links to useful web-based resources. We’re also adding forums for small business owners and leaders to ask questions, share ideas and provide support to each other as they begin to engage in the process of transforming their businesses.

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Note: This section of the website is currently under construction. Please take a look around but excuse the dust while we build it.

Vision & Strategy

Find resources to help you clarify and validate your vision, sell it to your organization and get alignment among key stakeholders across the business.  Get a headstart on your strategic planning by using the tools provided here and ensure your business stays on an upward growth trajectory.

Click here to visit the Vision & Strategy Resources Page.

The Offer

Find resources to help you think strategically and analytically about your organization’s product/service lines. Use the tools inside to design research projects to gather data from the market and cultivate more robust processes for developing new products and bringing them to market.

Click here to visit the Product/Service Offer Resources Page.


In this section of the resource library you will find resources that challenge how you think about your customers – who they are and what they need – so you can ensure that your organization is customer driven and begin to implement the necessary changes to provide a consistently outstanding customer experience.

Click here to visit the Customers Resources Page.


Find ideas and tools to improve your sales and marketing efforts. Focus your strategies and develop tactics that will achieve a better return on money and effort invested by taking the time to challenge the sacred cows and build a different perspective.

Click here to visit the Channels Resources Page.


Gain deeper insights into how your business operates and uncover the gaps or flaws in your infrastructure which interfere with efficiency and the capacity to scale or fulfill customer expectations.  Here you will find resources that will help you to map out your value chain, examine communication flows and challenge the ways that things have always been done. Our goal is to help you manage growth instead of chaos.

Click here to visit the Operations Page.

People & Culture

Inside this section of the Resource Library, you will find tools and ideas to help you to critically examine your organizational culture, structure and HR processes through the lens of your business strategy. The goal being to make sure they’re heading in the same direction. There are also resources for rethinking and redesigning how your business attracts, develops & engages the right talent.

Click here to visit the People & Culture Resources Page.


Find resources to help you assess and think about the financial health of your business from a growth perspective. Included will be tips and tools on how to design the systems and disciplines that will enable the organization to maximize its cashflow, reduce risk and put it in the best financial position to capitalize on strategic growth opportunities.

Click here to visit the Finances Resources Page.


Our resources in this section have been selected to help you develop the right perspective and attitude as well as competencies and knowledge to serve your organization as a leader. We can’t underestimate the critical importance of leadership, particularly in today’s era of rapid change and competitive pressure and we encourage you to think deeply about the responsibility that leadership bears.

Click here to visit the Leadership Page.